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About :

Gallery Attic, A space for Contemporary art and exquisite pieces of furniture, curios, etc. is centrally located in Goa's capital Panjim. It is open, spacious and displays a startling variety of original works of various artists (most of whom hail from Goa) and old Goan furniture, artifacts, etc.

A visit to the Gallery is an experience that leaves one awe struck by the diverse possibilities of expression.

The paintings on display cover a wide scope in shape, size and style (and budgets) ranging from senior artists, who have found distinctive articulation to young promising artists creating work of imagination.

World wide speculators and connoisseurs are increasingly drawn to contemporary Indian art and Goa is proud of her own artistic explosion. 

The Attic is a picturesque old tiled bungalow reminiscent of bygone era. It is located in Camarcazana, an idyllic little village, a stone throw from Mapusa.

Entering The Attic is like making a trip into a time machine, as one is transported into yesteryears, as one explores the place through exquisite pieces of furniture (painstakingly restored to their former glory). There is a whole range of artifacts from quaint old bottles and intricate glass ware to exquisite wrought iron curios and objects d'art... leaving you with a deep sense of wonder and nostalgia.